Mindful Meditation 

Heart Centered Meditation Tuition

30 minutes and up • Price Varies

I am a qualified Connected Kids Meditation Tutor, specialising in working with kids/teens with special needs, neuro-diversity. I offer HEART centered mindful meditation tutoring for Individuals and groups. 

Mindfulness Meditation is being in the moment and self-aware, it can benefit toddler, children and teens of any age and us adults too. The sessions are tailored to suit individual children or groups of children and use many different techniques and tools rather than purely sitting still. Meditation is brought to children gradually using movement, breathing techniques, using the senses, crafts, affirmations and much more. 

We learn from our children what they need and adapt the meditation experience to suit their needs.

Meditation can support them with:

  • Mental Health and well-being: Helping our children to recognise worries, develop skills to deal with stress and anxiety, ultimately to give them skills to flourish.
  • Concentration and cognition: learn to focus and be aware in the moment, improving the capacity to concentrate. Help children feel less pressured and more open to learning.
  • Social and emotional learning: supporting the ability for greater awareness of relationships and building self-compassion and compassion for others, self-esteem, and acceptance.
  • Behaviour: supporting the ability to self-regulate more effectively.

The evidence base for mindfulness is building and is encouraging. Brain imaging studies show that mindfulness practice alters the structure of the brain to improve the quality of thought.

 Many schools, parents and children have reported the following benefits are being achieved (further personal testimonials are included below): 

  • Improved symptoms of anxiety and alleviate stress
  • Improved ability to focus and study
  • Better sleep 
  • More room to process memories and emotions
  • Reduction or elimination of physical stress symptoms such as tummy aches and head aches

In summary - I believe this is a tool that can benefit our children throughout their lives and my goal is to find a way to allow every child to access this important life skill. 

I am fully qualified with Connected Kids Tutor Certification, a course providing specialist training to also help children with special needs and I am enhanced DBS checked.

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Mindfulness helps me to relax and feel less fidgety and I don’t get tummy aches anymore’. - Year 1 pupil