Julie has facilitated meditation at Norton School for both teachers and targeted pupils. Her skill, depth of knowledge calmness and professionalism have ensured that all sessions are individualised to the needs of the participants both child and adult. The feedback from teachers has been unanimous: ‘when can we have meditation again’ ‘ The sessions make me feel relaxed, de-stressed and ready for whatever life throws at me’ ‘Having time to relax enabled me to refocus’. Feedback from the children and their parents / carers have been equally positive. Julie has a natural insight into the needs of others and her work continues to have a positive impact on the school’. - Head Teacher

 I feel really calm after meditation because it helps me relax. I feel really happy going to meditation’. - Year 2 pupil

 I feel happy and calm. I love school’. - Year 2 pupil

 Mindfulness helps me to relax and feel less fidgety and I don’t get tummy aches anymore’. - Year 1 pupil

 '…The children really worked on their breathing throughout the session but in different ways so they did not lose concentration. This was very beneficial to them, as they can use this strategy outside of the session to help themselves calm down and relax whenever they need it. The use of different resources such as the coloured voile, soft toys and gemstones kept the children focused and interested. It was good to know that if a child wanted to move around….it was fine for them to do so. … A fantastic, relaxing experience for both the children and myself.‘. - TA 

 There was no sleep disturbance that night and H was much more relaxed’. - Parent of H, age 10, who suffered from nightmares and fear based thoughts.

 To think happy thoughts all the time especially when I’m alone at night. That I may feel alone but always near to someone’. - H, age 10. Comments when processing the meditation after the session.

 'She seems much happier in herself….overall she seems calmer and less angry and more able to deal with things when they arise’. - Parent of year 7 pupil


'Julie has helped me in so many ways over the last few years. In the early days supporting me through coping with secondary Infertility, to then finally maintaining me physically and mentally through the joy of the demands of pregnancy and childbirth. I had quite a traumatic labour and Julie helped re- balance everything afterwards. I have always suffered from my hormones and mental health and Julie keeps me ticking along and picks me up, dusts me off and sorts me out on my bad days. I have Reiki and reflexology but also benefit from her kindness and perspective. We have been on a long journey together and may long it continue!' - S Roberts

'Have found Julie’s help and understanding, through the use of her Reiki, so extremely beneficial during a very low period in my life and she has also aided in relief from stomach problems I had been suffering with. Would 100% recommend and wouldn’t hesitate to call if I have any further problems in the future' - S Jayne  

'Julie helped me greatly at a time when I was struggling to help myself. She offered caring, professional and non-judgemental treatment (Reiki & EFT), and provided a safe space for me to begin recovery. Thanks to Julie I have been able to make lasting progress and find my feet again. I would recommend Julie to anyone seeking compassionate and professional support, both in a time of need, and for the general improvement of overall wellbeing. ' LC

'Sarah looks forward to her treatments and loves Reiki in particular. She has recently recovered, with less complications than usual, from a major operation and Julie was able to work with her in hospital, which I am sure helped Sarah recover. She too achieves constipation relief after treatment. In general there is a quality of life improvement from receiving treatment, we have Julie come to our home which enables the children to relax in an environment they know and trust. I would not hesitate to recommend Julie to others.’  L Ellis


'I have been having Julie come to do reflexology for the past year. Very professional' - K Derbidge

 'I have been seeing Julie for reflexology for 4 years initially to help with neck/ shoulder pain/tension. I really look forward to my appointment .. Julie instantly puts you at ease with her calm and gentle manner and I always leave feeling “enlightened “ and definitely feel an overall benefit to my wellbeing following it. I have recommended friends and family who have also enjoyed the treatments Julie offers.' D Taylor

 'I’ve used Julie throughout both my pregnancies for Reflexology and wow what a difference it’s made from fatigue to aches & pains! Highly recommend and will continue to see her!!!' - B Stroud-King

 'Julie, your focus is always spot on! Intuitive, intelligent, empathic and generous on all levels. You created a safe space for me to open up, step forward and be seen. You are an amazing lady and therapist. I can not recommend you enough!' J Coles Milliner

'I always look forward to my appointments with Julie. She is always so warm and welcoming, and I’m guaranteed to leave feeling calm and relaxed. The reflexology she’s done for me has also helped with shoulder pain - would highly recommend.' J Broady 


'Julie coached me for a short programme (3 sessions) over the last couple of months. I appreciated her ability to really 'stay with me', providing thoughtful and thought provoking insight. Always respectful of my agenda, she enabled me to dig beneath presenting issues and come up with something that shifted how I think in a way that is both tangible and continues to have impact. Having made this connection with Julie, I feel I have a resource I can tap into again in the future and quickly get to deep and productive work. Big thanks Julie'. J Pollard

'Julie creates a safe and open space where it is possible to face and solve your deepest challenges. With her intuition and powerful questions she helps you get to the core of your issue. You sense her great belief in your ability to achieve the results you desire, which supported me enormously in getting there. Julie offers a refined combination of business experience and intuition, which makes her a powerful and extraordinary coach. She doesn’t stay at the surface, which helps you make sustainable change.' I Dietz 

'Julie is a very powerful coach. She has excellent listening skills and genuine empathy makes her an outstanding coach. Julie has helped me to increase my awareness, utilise my own potentials to the best and to structure my thoughts in a crystal-clear way. Her creativity helped me to think outside of the box and to see solutions, which seemed so much out of reach. Due to her subtle yet powerful style she is capable of coaching senior leaders holding the space with strength and integrity. Her communication is wonderfully accurate speaking straight to the heart of the issue. I would highly recommend Julie as a highly-skilled coach'. Jane 

'Julie is a rigorous coach whose skills have been perfectly suited to my needs; her firm, dialogic and positive style has guided me to conclusions that, in retrospect make perfect sense, though before our sessions I was utterly oblivious to; my hopes, my skills and my weaknesses that I have not taken the time to reflect on, despite their crucial role and influence in how I confront everyday situations. Furthermore, the nature of our meetings has made it easy for me to revisit our discussions routinely. Because of Julie’s skills, I have been able to clarify my objectives in the confusing stages of my career as I just start out; to make sense of the feelings that people have in the work place and to help me to understand them in a systematic and productive way.'  Abigail, Birmingham 

'Julie is an insightful coach, who skillfully helps you to develop awareness. She brings empathy, objectivity, clarity and intellect to issues, so enabling real growth.' Janet Stevenson 

'Julie enabled me to see things from a new perspective.  Her professional, calm and warm manner instantly made me feel at ease.  She helped me find new and previously unconsidered solutions to a range of issues I had been facing in both my professional & personal life.  I wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach to any prospective client'. Jamie Founder White Space Innovation