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A brief history of reflexology

It is widely accepted that reflexology was practised in Ancient China alongside acupuncture. The earliest known evidence of treating the hands and feet is a wall painting in an Egyptian pyramid dated about 2330 BC.
Reflexology as we know it today was developed in the west from these ancient beginnings over the past hundred years or so.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a holistic therapy involving stimulation of the reflexes, on our feet or hands, using gentle pressure. These correspond to organs and systems within our body. Reflexology is a form of energy medicine based on the ancient Chinese theory that energy is flowing all around our bodies. To be balanced and healthy the energy needs to flow freely. If the energy is obstructed, illness may result. Our lifestyle, stress, diet, trauma and general emotional state can throw us off balance.

How does reflexology work?

Reflexology relieves tension and promotes circulation, working with all bodily systems. It is successful in relieving pain and returning us to a state of balance thus allowing us to attain and maintain health and well being.

Stress can affect our physical wellbeing whilst physical conditions can affect our emotional state. Reflexology, using holistic principles taps into our body’s natural intelligence, treats our mind, body and spirit and seeks to find the root cause rather than treat the symptom.     

What will treatment be like?

Reflexology is a non-invasive holistic therapy. A brief consultation will be taken on your first visit to establish a picture of your health and lifestyle. This will enable an individual treatment plan to be designed to focus on what is important for you.

You will be asked to remove your socks, unless we are doing hand reflexology, and take a seat. Your feet or hands will then be massaged and reflexes worked, with gentle pressure.

Treatment will last for 45 minutes, with the initial appointment lasting a little longer; around 1 hour.

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'I’ve used Julie throughout both my pregnancies for Reflexology and wow what a difference it’s made from fatigue to aches & pains! Highly recommend and will continue to see her!!!' - B Stroud-King